A 140-year-old clock is set to be restored as part of ongoing restoration work to one of Southampton’s churches.

The clock at Christ Church Freemantle, Waterloo Road will receive some much needed love and care as it has become damaged from wind and sea air.

It is housed in the church’s tower and dates from around 1880. It has been wound on a weekly basis to keep time for the local community.

Recently, the parish church received a bequest which has allowed important restoration work to be completed.

Work on the grade II listed building’s clock will be undertaken by the Cumbrian Clock Company.

They will give the dial’s hands and internal mechanism a thorough clean.

The outside dial will also get a new coat of black paint and gold leaf.

Fabric Committee member Craig Lawton said: “It’s an exciting time as we make the building fit for the next generation.

“Unlike other routine maintenance, we can’t simply stick a ladder up to attend to the clock! “People do stop to tell us if the clock has stopped or is wrong so it’s obviously of use to folk. “Passers-by will have noticed the church being covered in scaffolding in recent weeks as the church prepares for important stone and guttering works.

“We have a duty to look after the building.”

Christ Church has been closed due to the Coronavirus lockdown but is now gradually resuming services.

Craig added:”We hope that all the external work is an indication to our community that we are open for business.

“Once we have the outside sorted, we can turn our attention inside to getting services and events back on, and work on continuing to serve our community without worrying about the building.”