A HOSPITAL ward in Hampshire is to be closed.

Willow Ward within Moorgreen Hospital in West End will be closed, it has been confirmed.

The ward offered support to people with learning disabilities who present with challenging behaviours.

But following a “reduction in the demand for beds” at the site and new type of support available health bosses have decided to close the ward.

The services provided within the ward are set to replaced by treatment for people in their own homes – a model called Enhanced Intensive Support (EIS).

In official documents NHS bosses said: “Therefore there is a national and commissioning-led move to close such facilities as Willow Ward and replace

them with robust community-based alternatives. This is as a result of an evidence-led approach to care being more beneficial to patients when conducted in their own homes, rather than in an inpatient facility, as care

can be more personalised, less restrictive and more responsive to their needs.”

The decision was discussed by members of the Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee at Hampshire County Council on Monday.

An exact date for the closure is yet to be set.

But talking to members, Ron Shields, chief executive at Southern Health, said there is only one patient left in the unit and once a new accommodation for the patient will be provided the unit will be closed.

Cllr Tonia Craig stressed the need for health services across the borough of Eastleigh and asked Mr Shields what the unit will be used for.

Mr Shields said: “I am not aware of any further plans to put services at the site. I would be able to feed back to the council if there are any plans.”

Staff currently working on Willow Ward are expected to be redeployed.