SOUTHAMPTON police searched the city's parks for hidden weapons that could be used to commit crimes.

The search was carried out by members of the Southampton East Neighbourhood team yesterday amid mounting concern over the number the number of incidents involving knives.

But all they found was a fork.

Writing on social media Southampton Cops said: "It’s not uncommon for those involved in youth violence or drug-related harm to stash weapons in public land, for easy access in an 'emergency'.

"This morning we checked the Veracity and Peartree Green and the good news is that all we found was a lost fork.

"Why is this good news?

"Because it means there aren’t weapons littered around our public parks, easily accessible to those of ill intent.

"It means the parks are safer for children to play in, and for everyone to picnic in (respecting social distancing and the 'rule of six', of course.

"All in all a great result."

The post adds: "PS. If you lost a fork in Peartree Green recently, it’s being kept safe for you at Hightown."