THIS week’s host of cuddly companions include guinea pigs Olive and Chestnut who pop up on Instagram where pictures of their hilarious antics are proving a hit. 
We also feature mischievious cat Jack and cute Staffordshire bull terrier Pola, who needs a cuddly toy for comort.
Monty the rabbit has reached the impressive age of 16 and Hugo is one affectionate Bichon Frise. 
They all live with Hampshire families and make up part of our weekly pets column in paper and online. To have your pet featured, visit

BISCUIT the springer never stops running, even competing in races at his owner’s side. 
He’s one of our featured pets this week, alongside Logan the cat, who was given a loving new Hampshire home during lockdown. 
Trevor the chihuahua is like a fifth child, loves birthday parties especially his own and his very protective of his mummy.
Despite showing his teeth in this picture, Buddy is a loyal and loving furry friend.
Rocco, meanwhile, is a typical dopey boxer who is a patient and loving member of the family who can open doors!