RESIDENTS and MPs have voiced their anger at ‘ignorant and rude’ motorists speeding through a city neighbourhood.

Motorists have been seen speeding down Sholing Road, Southampton which runs alongside a children’s playground and has parked cars all the way along.

A local resident Stephen Glyde has been in contact with police, City Council and the local MP but as of yet, nothing has been done to resolve the issue.

Stephen said: “I am determined to convince Southampton City Council to impose a 20mph speed limit along the length of Sholing Road.

“It is used by commercial traffic and connects Spring Road to Peartree Avenue, hence a constantly busy artery.

“The Police at Hightown have been consulted and have no objections, all the Ward Councillors for Peartree Ward have been briefed as has the local MP.

“We just require Southampton City Council to take positive action.”

Royston Smith, MP for Southampton, Itchen has been campaigning for years to have 20 mph speed limits in his constituency with thousands of people also taking part.

In 2016 he delivered a petition to the house of commons arguing that speed limits in Southampton should be 20 miles an hour.

He said: “People are ignorant and rude and don’t care about being caught speeding.

“I have been asking the council for years to allow 20 mph speed limits in residential areas where residents ask for them.

“We all know that the chances of a fatal accident increase proportionately with speed.

“Lower speed limits are safer and will also help improve our poor air quality.

“I hope the Labour Council will finally listen to residents concerns”

Pressure is piling on Southampton City Council to do something about the motorists for the protection of residents.

Labour councillor Eamonn Keogh said: “As a resident who has lived on Spring road for 25 years I appreciate and understand the problems that speeding motorists cause.

“This is a problem that characterises so many of our local road such as Merryoak Rd, Peartree Avenue, Athelstan road, Chessel Avenue and Middle Road.

“This is a City wide problem and we do need to change attitudes to speeding.

“I wish we could do more to remind the minority who speed that their actions can cause death, but the solution is never simple.”