Old waste collection vehicles have been replaced by greener, lower emission models in Southampton.

These vehicles, manufactured by Dennis Eagle, are another step forward for the City Council's Green City plan that aims to make Southampton carbon neutral by 2030.

Nine new vehicles have been added to the fleet and will be used to make general waste, recycling and commercial waste collections.

Dennis Eagle’s Regional Sales Manager Ben Hoadley said: "Advances in engine technology have helped us produce much cleaner trucks in recent years while also improving their efficiency.

"These new Dennis Eagle vehicles produce around 80% less nitrogen oxide gases than their predecessors in Southampton.

"This, coupled with a 50% reduction in microparticle emissions, represents a massive improvement.

"In addition, the role of two of the vehicles means they are able to use our electric bin lifts.

"This will also reduce the amount of fuel used and so improve emissions from both health and environmental perspectives."

Eye-catching artwork is also displayed on both sides of all nine vehicles, featuring messages to help remind residents of what can and can't go in to blue-lidded recycling bins.

Cabinet Member for Green City & Place, Councillor Steve Leggett, said: "As we upgrade our fleet of Refuse Collection Vehicles it’s important that we do so in a way that’s not only economical but also environmentally sustainable.

"As we decommission older fleet vehicles that are coming to the end of their working lives, we’re replacing them with vehicles that have the latest green technology, in line with our Green City commitments.

"These new waste collection vehicles will offer renewed performance reliability, with reduced off-road downtime due to faults or breakdowns, alongside greatly improved levels of emissions."