I read with some interest that the city council are now cancelling the boat show without really informing the investors that it was always a possibility.

We are a city involved with yacht production and will suffer accordingly.

I also note that they are stopping the annual fairs which is not surprising as they have removed all the parking facilities around the Common.

Hill Lane is double yellow lined end to end with greatly unused cycle lanes.

I respect that under canvas a lot of people cannot always observe social distancing with the ever present threat of COVID-19, but it seems like two entertainments will heavily affect local traders.

The removal of cycle lanes in the upper Bassett Avenue proved that the travelling public were not consulted, a big mistake, and the millions supplied to the council were largely wasted.

I believe Councillor Leggett was responsible for stating erroneously that 400 cyclists were observed using these lanes in Bassett Avenue, a very doubtful statement if true.

Local politics are not really explained to the public, what goes on in the Civic Centre should be whatever the electors want.

The latest thoughts, tongue in cheek, that Southampton should be considered as a city of culture.

It’s never been in a worse mess, and the sooner this band of councillors are replaced the better.

Alan Blandford