AN E-SCOOTER rider has been caught on a Hampshire motorway.

Police seized an e-scooter from a rider on the M3 near Eastleigh.

The rider was slapped with a fine, given six points on their driving licence and had their scooter seized yesterday afternoon.

Police have warned that e-scooters are illegal to use on public roads and footpaths.

A post on the Hants Roads Policing Twitter account said: "Unbelievably the rider of this e-scooter thought it was ok to ride on the M3 near #eastleigh... yes, the motorway!

"They have been issued with a fine, 6 points on their driving license and the scooter seized for no insurance.

"Just a reminder that they are illegal to use on public roads and footpaths unless rented as part of the trial zones.

"You risk getting points, fine and your scooter being seized if used illegally."