THEY'RE the Hampshire guinea pigs with nearly 50,000 Instagram followers and an agent for their burgeoning modelling careers.

In demand Olive and Chestnut, from Horton Heath, are hot property on social media where tens of thousands of fans worldwide keep up to date on their antics.

Owner Victoria Rick loves to share the adventures of the two-year-olds who she dresses up and puts in various amusing poses for photo shoots.

They have pretended to be artists, taken part in karaoke and read novels. Olive and Chestnut are also captured enjoying a tipple, playing cards and even partaking in a spot of cookery in a series of hilarious snaps for the popular image-based social media platform.

Victoria told the Daily Echo: "I have great fun capturing their daily adventures and writing little captions for their worldwide fans!

"We've even been sent branded products to advertise on our platform. I did not predict any of this happening when I set the account up. Madness!

"I am so glad I get to share their hilarious moments with so many people on Instagram, more people should know about how brilliant guinea pigs are!"

Victoria couldn’t resist adopting the pair of guinea pigs, her favourite animal and a pet she had owned as a child, during a visit to a Pets at Home store with her partner to ‘coo at the baby animals’.

She added: "They are like little puppies. They beg for treats and love to snuggle and play! Coming home from work and getting lots of little kisses is the highlight of my day!

"People assume guinea pigs are starter pets or the same as hamsters but they're so much more. If you spend time and have patience, they are the most loyal, tame little creatures. They have big personalities and it saddens me that some stay in a small lonely hutch all their life! They need space, strict diets and specialist vet care."

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