RESIDENTS in Fareham are being asked to donate toiletries as part of national campaign against hygiene poverty.

From September 14 – September 20, national charity The Hygiene bank has launched ‘national hygiene week’.

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen a huge increase in people needing help with basic food supplies and 14 million people across the UK living in hygiene poverty.

Residents in Fareham are being encouraged to donated toiletries for men, women, children and babies using buy one get one free offers in shops.

This would mean buying an item for yourself and donating the other.

Donated items could include shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving items, sanitary products, body lotion, hair products, deodorant, nappies or wipes.

At Fareham council, Executive Member for Leisure and Community, Cllr Sue Bell said: “There has been an overwhelming response to donations over the past few months which have meant local charities have been able to supply vulnerable people with basic supplies.

“Hygiene items are just as important and can have a huge impact on someone’s mental health and wellbeing. In these difficult times, nobody should have to choose between eating, heating their home, or to be clean, so I would encourage anyone who is able to help to make use of the various donation points across the Borough in their local shops, supermarkets, or street donation points to continue to donate to help those in need.”