NEW data suggests that weekly Covid-19 cases in Southampton may more than double over next few weeks.

Released by Imperial College London, the most probable estimates claim that the city could see a rise to 22.9 new cases per 100,000 people by October 10. 

Last week a figure of 10.68 cases per 100,000 was recorded.

Nevertheless, the estimates also suggest that, in a best case scenario, the city may only see an increase to 13.45 cases per 100,000.

Another far less probable model used by the college suggests that cases in the city could reach as high 45.4 cases per 100,000 people by October 10.

However, the college notes that the city has a mere 1% chance of becoming a hotspot over the next few weeks. This is when an area records more than 50 cases per 100,00 in a seven-day period.

Speaking about the figures, the college says an increase in cases in an area can be due to an increase in testing.

Southampton has a population of around 253,000 people, according to the 2011 census - the most recent poll undertaken.