A NEW fish and chip shop could be arriving in the city centre should plans be approved by civic chiefs.

Plans to turn a unit on Civic Centre Road in Southampton into a hot food take-out restaurant have been submitted to Southampton City Council.

The space, which is currently being used as a barbers shop, could become a fish and chips shop employing two full-time staff and one part-time staff member.

As of yet, the opening and closing times of the restaurant are currently unknown.

The proposals have been met with support from Bargate councillors, who have said they hope the potential business is "successful" and that they company has their "best wishes".

Cllr Darren Paffey said: "This is still a challenging time for small businesses so I’m pleased to see that this won’t become an empty unit but instead there will be a fish and chip shop.

"This part of the city centre has lots of different places to eat and I hope this new business will be successful too."

Cllr John Noon added: "I do give any new business my best wishes for the future in these very difficult times and a good quality fish and chip shop is always welcomed.

"I don’t necessary see an issue been closed to KFC, both offering a different cuisine and service, also there are many other restaurants near and next to each other in the city centre.

"Though I do except others may have different views. Would like to see something done to stop litter if it does go ahead."