WITH only a strategically placed hand, rugby ball or hockey stick protecting their modesty, some of Southampton's most well toned university students cheekily smile for the camera.

While some look slightly embarrassed to get their kit off in front of friends - and anyone willing to spend a few quid on a calendar - most are obviously loving the chance to show off their bodies.

They are the latest addition to the long line of Brits more than happy to bare (almost) all for nude calendars that will no doubt be given away as Christmas presents in a few weeks' time.

Forget sponsored walks and cake sales, nude calendars have got to be one of the most popular - and fun - ways to raise much needed cash. With the festive season fast approaching once again, be prepared to see a bit more of your friend, neighbour, colleague or relative than you ever expected.

Sophie Wright, Southampton University Students' Union Athletics Union (AU) officer, this year invited dozens of students from different sports to strip off for student charity fundraisers RAG.

She said: "There were a lot of giggles and laughs throughout the shoot, which really helped to relax everyone. I told the clubs to bring whatever kit and props they deemed necessary, so it was really up to each club how naked they wanted to be.

"It's a great memento to have and we spend so much of our time honing and toning out on the court or pitch that this is a nice way to show it off."

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