THIS 1966 Lotus Cortina was driven by ultimate petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson during filming for his hit motoring show The Grand Tour.

It's the dream car of Iain Blair from Fair Oak, who was able to go along to filming at Cadwell Park, a motor racing circuit in Lincolnshire, to see his motor in action.

He couldn't resist snapping up the classic car eight years ago after first admiring it on a Hampshire garage forecourt as a boy.

He told the Daily Echo: "It was a dream come true as I first encountered the Lotus Cortina many years ago as a schoolboy visiting the old Chandlers Ford Hendy Ford dealership as my brother used to work there at the time.

"I was brought up on Fast Fords but this particular car was a vision that etched itself in my mind."

Iain also owns an Aston Martin Vanquish and describes his two motors as the dream two car garage!

Over the years, he's owned some of the best performance cars from BMW M3, M4 and M5s to Ford Escort RS Cosworths.

But the Lotus is the only car he'd never even considering selling.

He said: "The 1966 Lotus Cortina will never be sold all the time I'm alive, its more than a car, its got a personality and a character of its own.

"Cars have given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people that share experiences, stories and memorable moments in their lives. Some cars are part of the family, part of the furniture and I have personally been in tears watching cars I have sold that looking back I really shouldn't have - that's what cars mean to people," Iain added.

The furthest Iain has driven the Lotus is to Goodwood for the Revival, which he highly recommends as a must visit day out for classic car enthusiasts.

"The cars, the characters, the themes and the atmosphere is like nothing else I have experienced," he said.

Iain is also a supporter of the Concorde Classics car show at The Concorde Club, the annual event at the Stoneham Lane venue which boosts the coffers of Naomi House children's hospice.