HAVE the personnel operating our computerised world lost their ability to communicate in person, especially to check what they have instructed their computers to do?

I am currently trying to pursue a matter through the small claims court.

Because I am not computer literate I phoned and sought a paper application.

I received two forms in the post,with a covering letter telling me to fill them in in triplicate, and nothing further.

Some of the questions on the form required further clarification so I phoned again, mentioning the two forms (in triplicate).

I received an explanatory leaflet which told me to go online.

What was the purpose of the paper trail? My partner today received a letter from the diabetic clinic, which as well as quoting a series of meaningless abbreviations, advises her to read the enclosed leaflet.

This “leaflet” is a blank page.

There is not even a phone number from the source of this communication.

Is it me that’s confused or have we really become so dependant on the computer?

Alan Dadswell