THERE is no doubt that Covid-19 is a catastrophe for many individuals, companies and public authorities.

It was no surprise to read that Hampshire County Council is facing pressures caused by Covid of over £200 million whilst Southampton faces costs of £44 million.

I thought it a bit rich however of Lib Dem Cllr Dowden to be so critical when he and his Lib Dem Group have always urged the County Council to deplete its reserves.

Even in February this year the Lib Dems were urging the Council to spend the reserves and take risks.

Fortunately, Conservatives on the County Council wisely ignored the Lib Dems and to quote the Leader of Hampshire the authority can “weather the storm this year”.

That does not happen by accident but by prudent and careful management of the public’s money.

I am thankful that nationally and also locally in Hampshire we do not have Lib Dems or Labour managing our money. That would be a real catastrophe.

Alan Higginson

Valley Park