A SOUTHAMPTON man found dead in his home by friends had taken an overdose.

Daniel Jones was found collapsed in his home on Cuckmere Lane in Millbrook unresponsive on January 25.

The 42-year-old was found by his friends and room mates with “no signs of life”.

An inquest into his death determined that Mr Jones died following a drugs overdose.

A fatal level of morphine was found in his blood as well as a fatal level of methadone - a powerful drug used for pain relief and treatment of drug addiction.

The pathologist who examined Mr Jones also found pregabalin, codeine, cocaine, amphetamine and THC traces in his blood.

Mr Jones was last seen alive by his flat mates, who told police they saw him cooking heroin in the kitchen.

A few moments later they found Mr Jones unresponsive on the floor.

They moved Mr Jones into a more comfortable position on the sofa in the front room of the flat.

They told police that they would often have to do this when Mr Jones lost consciousness due to the drugs he was taking.

The men noted that Mr Jones was heard snoring when they left the address to go and get McDonald’s.

Upon returning home, they found Mr Jones collapsed with “no signs of life”.

Police were told that Mr Jones took heroin and Valium daily, and the post-mortem examination revealed bruising on his body associated with drug abuse.

The coroner ruled that Mr Jones died due to a drugs overdose.

His next of kin have been informed.