PHOTOS taken in Southampton show the city deserted as the Government told pubs they must shut at 10pm.

The Government's 10pm curfew, which was introduced on Thursday, has been criticised after swathes of people were filmed heading home at the same time in London.

It was announced last week that drinking establishments would have to shut their doors at 10pm as part of new coronavirus restrictions.

London resident Kirsty Lewis, 24, said: “I know that a lot of people were discussing going back to their houses or flats for more drinks instead, where they would have just usually stayed out in the bars or restaurants later.

“Also from the restaurant side of it, the owner of the place I went to seemed very upset having to turf people out… will have obviously limited his income."

But pictures from the centre of Southampton on Wednesday night, including Carlton Place and Bedford Place, show deserted streets shortly after 10pm.