A BURNT out car has been dumped at a popular children's skatepark.

What was once a car is now a mass of charred metal lies dumped in the middle of Freespace Skatepark.

Pieces of broken glass and debris lie strewn at the bottom of a skate ramp in Chandler's Ford.

Damaged beyond recognition, local parents and youngsters now want the hulk of metal which has been at the site for "two days" to be removed.

Eastleigh residents and bikers, Aiden Browning and Tyler Hathaway, both 14, said they could not believe it when they saw the wreck.

Aiden said: "I come down here once a week and want it removed. It's blocking the park so people can't use it."

Dad, Dax Browning added: "It's a shock. It's a disappointment that someone would do this to a public place which gives kids something to do.

"It's going to cost a lot of money for the council to remove it."

The Daily Echo has contacted Eastleigh Borough Council for comment.