A PROPOSAL to build over 100 new homes in Hedge End is being discussed on Monday.

The development would be located on land to the rear of Sovereign Drive and Precosa Road.

Vivid Homes, the developers for the project want to build 106 new homes over 3.86 hectres of land.

These houses will be a mix of sizes and types in the hope to bring a whole range of different people into the new community.

Landscaping and drainage works will be carried out as part of the development and existing hedgerows and trees are planned to be protected and integrated into the new neighbourhood.

A property at 47 Sovereign Drive will be demolished to allow for a new junction to be put in, creating new access to the site.

Developers say the new project will provide employment to the local area whilst work is ongoing, and contributions will also be made to infrastructure in the surrounding areas.

Some residents have objected to the proposal, claiming that the levels of traffic will go up in the area and that there is already too much housing.

One resident, Dawn Barron, said: "The roads are already very busy around this area and this would see a huge increase in cars, that we could not cope with.

"The construction of these properties wold cause huge disruption to the people in the area, with lots of noise and mess.

"The site for the entrance to the houses is on a bend and is not ideal at all.

"The schools and the doctors are already extremely busy and would not cope with this amount of people."

However, Vivid Homes say that the housing will "enhance character and appearance of the locality."

The proposal is due to be discussed in a meeting at 7pm, Monday, September 28, by the Hedge End, West End and Botley Local Area Committee.