Many Southampton residents support the valuable work being carried out by Cllr Leggett, whether they are Labour voters or not.

It is now easier for pedestrians and cyclists to maintain the correct social distance and the new infrastructure will have benefits into the future when the pandemic is over.

We should applaud a politician who is prepared to take bold decisions and those who are critical seem to have no ideas of their own as to how to tackle the problems we face.

Bold decisions are often unpopular, but it doesn't mean they don't have to be made.

Everyone in the city wants clean air but this is impossible without reducing the number of cars in the city.

Everyone wants climate change to be halted, don't they?

Again, not possible without reducing the number of cars in Southampton along with every other city in the world.

My only complaint is that the council is too timid in repurposing road space.

I have frequently to cross the railway line using the Bitterne Railway Bridge, where pedestrians pass within inches of each other - no social distancing possible here.

I have suggested to the council that the 1.5 lanes for vehicles should be reduced to one (in each direction); the railing should be removed and a hatched area painted on the road surface.

Pedestrians could then step into the hatched area to avoid passing very close to another pedestrian with the potential risk of contracting Covid 19.

This would make it safer for us all but no doubt some drivers would be shouting with rage at the idea that more space should be given to pedestrians.

The council's work to make better provision for sustainable transport should be celebrated as a step in the right direction and a politician confident enough to make radical decisions for the benefit of the poor, who don't own cars, the vulnerable and the environment should be supported by all right-minded citizens.

Lindsi Bluemel