I REALISE that in this day and age and for some time now it has been de rigueur to not teach basic fundamentals to people as they are growing up, but some basic rules, implemented properly can actually be quite helpful, such as the basic principle of keeping to your left when walking cycling, as indeed we have mostly become accustomed to when driving.

If Cllr. Leggett could open Mr. Shapps' purse again for a more sensible use, he could, without going over the top with lines etc, install just one sign on each entrance of the Common saying “Walking or Cycling, please keep to your left and keep dogs under control” it would immensely help both the cycling and pedestrian fraternity whom he claims to be wanting to protect.

For those who find the concept of left and right difficult to comprehend, if you zoomchat your gran she will possibly be able to explain, but bear in mind, that her left will not be your left when viewed on screen.

And to the man who deliberately walked in front of me on my bike this morning as I tried to gently wend my way between him on both sides of the path at the same time and his two uncontrolled dogs I have this message - grow up.

Michael Jordan