NO-ONE was fined following "the worst breach" of Covid-19 regulations across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, it has been revealed.

Hampshire Constabulary confirmed that no fines were issued in relation to a party with more than 100 people at Iroko Lounge restaurant in Southampton on August 23.

The news comes as the Home Office confirmed that at the time the police had the power to issue £100 fines to those breaching Covid-19 regulations and to fine anyone attending illegal raves up to £3,200.

But the enforcement was a "last resort" according to the policy in place last month.

Hampshire Constabulary said "no fines were issued and the appropriate action was taken through the licensing process".

As reported, officers attended the site in the early hours of August 23 but could not fully enter the venue “due to the number of persons inside dancing in immediate proximity to each other".

Officers found no evidence of social distancing, no Covid-19 risk assessment and no track and trace details.

The police asked for the suspension of the licence and its full review as it described the incident as "the worst breach" of Covid-19 rules across the county.

When repeatedly asked to explain why no-one was fined, the force said: "It was decided that the more appropriate route was the licensing process.”

In relation to the fines of up to £3,200 the police explained that the fine amounts would double for each subsequent offence, up to £3,200 for the sixth and subsequent offences.

As reported, the restaurant's licence has been suspended until November 18. Southampton Test MP Alan Whitehead said: "'I think the removal of the restaurant's licence is an appropriate punishment for this sort of breach of rules."

Southampton Itchen MP Royston Smith added: "The police were there and would have assessed the situation professionally. I would hope and expect that any subsequent breach would be dealt with robustly."

Following new national guidance police are now able to fine organisers of illegal gatherings up to £10,000.