HONEY the bearded dragon is among the Hampshire pets we’re showing off today. 
She’s not your typical reptile and enjoys dancing and cuddles. 
Collie cross Labrador Harley loves a good bone, but not as much as an ice cream during a heatwave!
Five-year-old Weimaraner Diesel enjoys hiding in poppy fields! 
Monty the Yorkshire terrier only has one tooth left at the grand old age of 16, but still manages to enjoy food.
Stanley sounds like he’s saying hello when he meows and doesn’t have a lot of teeth left either.

Doris Day is a little ray of sunshine. The Chorkie dog always brings a smile to your face. 
Pooch Poppy Robertson loves children and will do anything for a ball!
Rescue dog Troy loves nothing more than a trip to Lepe Beach.
Fudge is one attention seeking cat, but the family dog is not a fan.
Minnie the kitty was found on Gumtree and jangles keys when she wants to go out.
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