From chambermaids to Tudor ghouls the rich history of our city has harboured more than just stories.

Would you be brave enough to seek out the spirits on your visit?

Here are the most terrifying tales of ghosts and ghouls to grace Southampton that are sure to send a shiver down your spine:

Medieval Merchants House, Castle Street

Built on one of the busiest streets in Southampton, beneath the medieval town wall that once defended Southampton against seaborne attack, the Merchant’s House served as a residence and place of business.

The property has been restored to its mid-14th Century appearance, which aids in creeping out any ghost hunters.

Legend has it that a woman called Ruth Dill used to work at the Merchant's House in the 1890s. 

To supplement her income and satisfy her passion for jewellery she used to sleep with wealthy sailors staying at the house.

One night she tried to rob a wealthy sailor but was caught in the act. She turned and struck him with a fire iron.

Realising the man was dead Ruth made her escape, throwing the stolen jewelry down a nearby well, never to be seen again. 

A shadowy woman can often be seen walking the corridors of the house and staring longingly down the well, as if she's looking for something.

Visitors have also said they've been pushed from behind and candles in the cellar have blown themselves out. 

Tudor House Museum

Daily Echo:

Dating back to the 15th Century the Tudor House Museum on Bugle Street is one of the most haunted buildings in the city.

At one time the house was a regular stop for local police as there were frequent reports of intruders, seeing lights on in the building and shadows passing by windows. 

When the police would arrive they would never find signs of break-ins but lights would be on inside.

Eventually a medium was brought to the property to contact the poltergeist, she found out that it was a bored spirit. She left a ball for the ghost, which disappeared and the lights now stay off. 

More recent investigations using thermal imaging equipment have shown a man sitting in a chair. 

Visitors have also reported figures crossing rooms and walking through bricked up doorways and staff say there is one room which dogs refuse to enter and apparitions are regularly witnessed.

Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley

Daily Echo:

Rainbow over the chapel at Royal Victoria Country Park - by Patricia Butt

One known as the largest military hospital in the world, only the chapel has survived.

Netley Chapel is said to be haunted by the 'Grey Lady' who is a Victorian nurse that threw herself from the chapel tower. 

There are a few stories as to the reason for her death including that she accidentally killed a patient and killed herself out of remorse or that she was stricken by grief at the loss of her love who died at war.

The Grey Lady is said to have appeared at the bedside of the ill moments before their death to offer comfort and solace. 

She also used to walk the corridors and wards, a sighting of her meant someone was about to die. 

In 1966 a trick was played on Daily Echo reporters by a nurse in the psychiatric hospital who imitated the Grey Lady as a hoax.

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