I HAVE to smile every time I hear the same thing, after lots of rain, roads flooded.

My father worked in the docks from aged 14 until he retired at 65.

He saw plenty of changes over the years, but the one thing he said would happen, when the dual carriageway was being built was it would need a lot of new drainage and pumps installed to cope as the road was lower than high tides and it would flood.

They then built the Industrial estate, reclaiming land from the sea. Taking away natural drainage.

To alleviate the problem will cost thousands of pounds and a lot of disruption.

I bet my father is having a good laugh now, watching his prediction being true.

He died in 2001 aged over 80, but he did see some of the chaos on Millbrook Road.

I just wonder how much longer before there is a bad accident, and some one makes the decision that things have to be done.

I do not live in Southampton now, and nothing would persuade to return.

Margery Cranfield