I WAS SADDENED to read Mr Kyrle’s “Learn your Facts” letter that was loftily condescending of Mr Martin’s previous letter who expressed his personally held views for the EU.

Describing his letter as ‘hot air’ and that he should ‘learn to know what he’s talking about’, suggests that Mr Kyrle knows better.

I have long believed that it is those that remonstrate others to ‘read the facts’, ‘learn your history’ who are themselves speaking from a position of ignorance reinforced by an element of unjustified contempt and superiority.

We all knew that the negotiations for leaving were never going to be easy and easy they have not been.

The Brussels Think Tank estimated the UK were obliged to pay €25.4 billion Euros as part of the ‘Divorce Bill’ but this has already been re equated as nearer €30 and €40.

The EU’s Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier, was unveiled in private talks plotting to utilise the ‘Irish Border’ as an issue of contention to undermine the withdrawal negotiations (this is documented and evidenced, Mr Kyrle).

Guy Verhofstadt has accused the UK of ‘cherry picking’. Jean Claude Juncker, derided the UK by saying, “to quit the block was a choice they will regret one day”. Donald Tusk had the audacity to state that there, “was a special place in hell for those who promoted BREXIT”.

Are these the comments of leaders inclined to promote, good, future relations in furtherance of the negotiations?

Or is it simply bitterness to mock and belittle the UK for having the audacity to venture upon leaving the great ‘EU Club’?

On 23rd June 2016 the UK voted, with a very significant majority, to leave the EU and it is now the duty of our elected politicians to expedite that wish and for those who voted otherwise to accept the democratic result of the referendum and to refrain from advancing further divisiveness. Please, let’s keep it civil.

Kevin Leckey

Southampton resident