IN HIS unflinching devotion to the European Union, arch-remainer Martin Kyrle (Sept. 25) scoffs at the notion of a 'United States of Europe' being the ultimate goal of that anti-democratic and corrupt monster.

I would refer him to two books by one of the EU's leading lights (a term I employ with irony), Guy Verhofstadt.

In 2006 the-then Prime Minister of Belgium published his tome 'The United States of Europe', enthusiastically urging this federal metamorphosis.

In 2017, as President of the liberal ALDE Group of MEPs, he put forth, with a hint of desperation, 'Europe's Last Chance', pushing the same line.

Fortunately, we chose the exit door a year earlier.

This week I was pleased to learn that, after the transition period, the UK will ban the import of furs from the EU; previously impossible, due to the 'free movement of goods' shibboleth.

I concur with the slogan, 'Fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people'.

Colin Hingston