THE LATESt Southampton traffic data reports an 11% decrease in cycling compared to this time last year.

And this week there are 18% less cyclists on our roads than there were last week.

Despite all the new measures to boost cycling there has been a reduction in the number of cyclists.

On Bitterne Road West the figures are not easily comparable, but if 117 cycle movements were counted in a 12 hour period, that equates to just under 10 cycles an hour.

Whilst in a 24 hour period there was an average of nearly 27,000 vehicle movements.

So at peak times there may be 1,500 - 2,000 vehicles an hour on Bitterne Road West, and about 10 cyclists.

The data also shows the speed of vehicles has reduced by 4mph since last year - which is surely a result of the congestion caused by the cycle lanes.

And cars stuck in traffic churn out fumes into our communities.

Our city told everyone to get on their bike, and they haven’t.

If our city wants to get people out of their cars then it needs to start a conversation, not tell people what is best for them.

And in the meantime, please can the east of our city have it’s lane back.

Jon Walters