Yet again the Echo is reporting on floods on Millbrook Road.

I have lived near Southampton for 45 years and can still remember the same problem happening when I was travelling along that road in 1980.

Yet here we are 40 years later and the problem not solved.

I remember an Echo article (last year I think) explaining that the drainage problems were a combination of issues that no-one wanted to take responsibility for - not the docks, Southern Water or the council.

We really look pathetic that we cannot solve this problem after 40 years - the Chinese who we like to criticise, would have solved this in no time at all by driving through the change needed to solve the problem.

Instead our council leaders allow all the parties to continue to get away with it and then try and blame climate change - it was happening in 1980 long before people were really talking about climate change.

This demonstrates how useless our local council are at driving through the changes needed to solve the problem.

Yours in despair.

Gerald Ingram