The RSPCA announce Adoptober.


It highlights an increase in demand for dogs, especially puppies, during lockdown coupled with a rise in welfare incidents and that post covid they expect a big rise in abandoned dogs.

But that's then, not now.

There are no dogs available for adoption from the RSPCA or any other reputable rescue centre.

Where are the dogs they want us to adopt?

Rescue homes (Including Battersea) are still closed to visitors and all claim a shortage of dogs.

Apart from a few less popular ones (wrong breed, too big or old, behaviour issues, etc) there are none - not even a "Heinz 57".

We retired just as Covid broke and been trying to get a small young dog ever since.

I refuse to pay ridiculous covid-inflated prices, but quite happy to pay a rescue charity.

If only I could.

Phil Woodward