A VIOLENT burglar wanted over raids on Tesco Express stores in Hampshire was captured with the help of a tracker installed in getaway car, it has been revealed.

Aaron Morgan was wanted over raids at Tesco Express stores but had evaded arrest by using a web hire cars which he bought and failed to register then disguised with cloned number plates.

But the sledgehammer wielding raider was caught when police spotted a Ford Fiesta used in a raid being driven in Hamble.

When they pulled it over the occupants fled but the car had a tracker which showed it had travelled between Morgan's home, B&Q, where he bought his weapon, and the Tesco Express.

Morgan, who acted with a gang,was jailed for 32 months at Southampton Court.

It came after the 29-year-old, of Sydney Avenue, Hamble, admitted two burglaries and one attempted burglary at Tesco Express stores in Andover, Cosham, and Brockenhurst.

The court heard how Morgan used a sledgehammer, to smash through security systems in attempts to steal cash. In one raid they made off with £1000 and caused considerable damage.

He was finally arrested after a raid at Tesco in Brockenhurst when the gang's van was stopped by police near Lyndhurst.

They escaped but Morgan was found by a police dog hiding in a garden in the High Street.

Once arrested for the burglary, Morgan admitted to police that he was also responsible for an attempted burglary at the Tesco Express Portsmouth.

The CCTV from the store showed three men trying to gain entry but without success.

Detective Constable Paul Beasley from the Operation Hawk Team based at Southampton Central said: "Morgan did all he could to avoid us.

"He used hire cars or vans which he purchased and then did not register with the DVLA, and used cloned number plates to disguise.

"He then used tools he purchased especially for these offences and as well as gloves and face coverings to prevent him from being identified by CCTV."