I have listened to many arguments for and against put forward by push bike users and the lack of understanding on both sides from lorry drivers to those on bikes.

Due to all the problems and lack of safety on our roads I think all sides should come together. First if you use roads everyone should have insurance and tests.

When you purchase a car it is registered and insurance is automatic and abusers can be traced.

Lorry drivers are always complaining bikes and indeed many forms of transport are ignorant of their blind spots and cannot be seen.

My belief is if you have a vehicle on the road you have to have lessons and in this I would include a short films showing blind spots in vehicles and consequences of that ignorance.

I as a driver have had several incidents with bike users who come out from pavement to the road with no warning weaving in and out of traffic and by the " Grace of God" I have managed to avoid accidents but when you point out errors to the offenders the sign language and aggression is mind blowing.

No one on the roads is perfect but the conclusion from my experience is there are some I have come across who think they are.

The trouble is all road users from the smallest vehicle to the largest have the potential to have or cause a fatality on the roads, not only causing devastation in their lives but also to the people who love them.

We now have an even bigger problem of the silent motorised scooter.

It was bad enough with the disability scooters but now you have the scooter weavers who are oblivious to pedestrians.

They have no awareness of the potential devastation they can cause you have no warning of their silent approach, but as always near misses do not count fatalities do.

The scooters have the potential to cause severe disability, changing the victims life forever.

The rules for all road users must have a total revamp for the safety of us all.

Christine Cassell