TRAVELLING to Salisbury today, despite the pandemic,we got caught in the most traffic we have ever met.

Knowing the area we expected to be held on the dual carriageway, but we didn’t expect to be static for an hour.

No room for an ambulance to get pass. Having got into the approach road by the School, we noticed the road had been yellow lined,even the last 100 yards usually kept for the residents.

On the offside a area for cycles was marked off with poles, no sign of a cycle, making a bus blocking the road for passing traffic.

A loss of 20 plus parking spots. Although it was market day it was remarkable empty of shoppers.

I wonder why.

Even the coach parking was removed, this in a town that relies on foreign visitors! Marks and Spencer’s was virtually empty. Many stores now closed including Debenhams.

A sad reminder of what Covid-19 is doing.

At five pm we got into the worse traffic we have seen, now I know what gridlocked means. It was impossible to get back on the A30 to Southampton so like many others we changed lanes and went north to the Andover road and got home via Stockbridge, it took over one and a half hours.

I shall not be venturing into Salisbury again on market day.

I noticed an increase of static traffic in Southampton, you have been warned!

Alan Blandford