AS WE all know, with the help of a few slogans and catchphrases, as well as the fervent support of media tycoons, the Conservative Party achieved a majority of 80 seats in December.

With this week’s latest news of MPs about to receive a pay rise of £3300 as coronavirus puts millions of jobs at risk, I started to wonder what our local MPs actually do for us in Romsey and Southampton North and North West Hants.

Ms Nokes prides herself on her response rate to constituents which is commendable, but what is the point when those responses are just words on a page?

In her recent Letter from Westminster page she talks of “venting her frustrations”, as well as saying “if I have the opportunity to contribute” and so on.

We need more than words and a fast response rate from a set of stock replies.

Her Party is in charge and has been for the last 10 years.

The pandemic, Brexit, climate change, the recession and now the threat of locals having any say in local planning say just to satisfy developers and investors, who can we turn to?

Our local authorities and public services are starved of funding - we are increasingly reliant on the admirable work of local charities, food and community banks, and the truly inspirational work of community volunteers and groups.

Sadly, we are stuck with another four years of chaos, chumocracy and further cuts – oh, and by the look of it, fast large-scale (but mostly unaffordable) development in rural Test Valley.

It is a pity that is what Conservative supporters, its councillors and voters decided they wanted at the ballot boxes.

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