FROM January to August I felt low, possibly with chronic fatigue syndrome.

On September 2 my legs were hard to use and swollen.

I dropped a letter into St Paul’s Surgery on September 7 and was given an appointment the next day.

The doctor gave me a blood test. On September 10, my doctor texted me out of hours and arranged an appointment for 3 that day.

I was advised it was inflammatory arthritis, and prescribed two medicines and painkillers.

My doctor then arranged for X rays for me for Sept 25, a Friday.

By September 28 the X rays were sent and my doctor advised me I would have an appointment with rheumatology.

I had an appointment on October 5 at Rheumatology which was most professional.

My medicines were changed to more steroids and others.

I was advised I should have a CAT scan (computer aided tomography) and further X rays.

On October 07 I received a letter from rheumatology advising that on October 18 a CAT scan has been arranged, and on October 20 more X rays.

That is within 2 days.

Thus in the space of six weeks I have had two X rays, a CT Scan, two doctor's appointments and my doctor calling me out of hours to assist.

The range of skill and the speed with which I have been treated is brilliant.

I have had four operations (three stomach, and an eye op) and I have never received such professional care and consideration.

I seem to be almost back to full health.

My mother had three hip replacements at Sarum road Private hospital, and the NHS care certainly compares excellently with private care.

It’s time to praise the NHS and all it does.

Ruper Pitt