IT IS me and a few others that make up the small minority that adhere to the 50mph speed limit on the M27 through the road works?

I do realise that all standard vehicle speedometers are only accurate to within plus or minus three or four mpg.

I do know that when I am driving approximately on the 50mph limit, I am totally amazed at the number of vehicles including HGVs that sail past at nearer 60 to 70 plus mph.

I have asked Hampshire Police about this matter, including requesting the number of vehicles caught over the limit, but they declined all information.

You only see a couple of people reported in the news with speeding offences, these being excessively high speeds.

Do some of the speeding drivers know something that us minority don’t?

Are there figures reported somewhere that detail the number of offenders?

Don’t the vultures work – are they there for show only?

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