IT IS clear that in the current crisis, public trust in this government is at an all time low, largely due to its’ abuse of power and lack of accountability to the public and to parliament itself.

Imposing restrictions on freedom such as lockdown on citizens violates their human right to freedom by locking people in their own homes, and changes the terms under which they can be detained – similar in many eyes to the terms of those on remand, awaiting an asylum decision or detained under the Mental Health Act.

This is an abuse of power by ministers with little accountability for their decisions which can and do attract punishment and fines for ordinary citizens who have done nothing wrong except live their life in their own homes the way they have done, and should be free to continue.

This without any proper scrutiny of ministerial decisions, by the public or parliament, of their abuse of power and lack of accountability for this.

It represents nothing more than democracy abandoned.

Robert Blackman