SOUTHAMPTON residents made a stand against racism following an incident in which two people were attacked by a gang of teenagers on mopeds.

Around 40 protesters marched from the Lordshill branch of Sainsbury's to nearby Tangmere Drive, where the attack took place last Thursday.

As reported in the Daily Echo, a 31-year-old-old man and a 22-year-old woman were injured in the incident.

The man was rushed to hospital after being stabbed and the woman was also wounded in the attack, which took place just before 11pm.

Daily Echo:

The incident is being treated as racially aggravated because the gang verbally abused the man before attacking him.

Yesterday evening, people from Southampton and Totton came together to condemn the incident and demonstrate their solidarity with people living in the area.

One of the speakers, Gwendoline Gordon, said: "For hundreds of years black people have been picked on for one thing and one thing only - the colour of their skin."

Steve Squibbs of Southampton Stand Up To Racism added: "This has been the year in which the racism that is endemic in society has been laid bare for everyone to see.

"It's got to be a turning point. No-one should be afraid to walk the streets because of the colour of their skin or the language they speak."

Protesters took the knee before marching to Tangmere Drive and regrouping near the scene of the attack.

Daily Echo:

One of the organisers, Cllr Professor Barrie Margetts, said: "We want to show the people of Coxford that we stand with you in the fight against racism."

Cllr Tammy Thomas said racism would not be tolerated, adding that she hoped the Tangmere Drive assault was an isolated incident.

In a statement issued after the protest organisers said: "The rally, organised by local ward councillors Tammy Thomas and Barrie Margetts, was held to convey a clear simple message - Coxford community stands against racism.

"The rally was called to let people in the community have the opportunity to express their support for the family affected, and for them to say we will not stay quiet while this unacceptable racist behaviour goes on.

"The rally was made more poignant against the backdrop of Black Lives Matter and it occurring during Black History Month. 

"The rally followed GMB health and safety guidance and local police Covid guidelines.

"After speeches the rally then marched to the area where the horrific stabbing took place, to say to all the residents 'we want our streets to be safe'.

"There were several speakers across a wide age range, and from different backgrounds and experiences. They spoke powerfully and passionately about their commitment to end racism.

"The people of Coxford deserve a safe place to live and the ward councillors vowed they would do all they could to achieve this."

Following the attack police said a group of five or six people on mopeds were reported to have approached a man and a woman who were walking along the street.

A police spokesman said a 16-year-old Southampton boy was arrested on suspicion of robbery, GBH and possession of Class B drugs.

Anyone with information can contact Hampshire police on 101, quoting crime reference number 44200391172. Alternatively, people can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.