I AM WONDERING what this government is trying to do in the true fight against the Corona 19 virus.

It appears the government is being run by faceless bureaucrats who have not a clue how to control this pandemic.

We know controls have to be brought in to control the spread but I am at a loss on how they come to some of their conclusions.

Why when a shutdown is to be taken place why on earth has someone come up with a time of 6pm?

Why not at the end of the day?

With all businesses suffering why can't restaurants and bars keep open till 11pm?

My main gripe is that early in the year when the first wave hit us London opened an emergency treatment centre known as The Nightingale hospital, but why were these centres not opened in every other city in the UK.

The first outbreak meant many seriously ill patients had their treatments cancelled or curtailed to a much later date, so risking their health or recovery.

No statistics are available to how many people died because of delay in treatment.

We are now entering phase two of the pandemic and the government is still sitting on their backsides over this matter.

We have been warned this next wave will be far more serious than the first yet we are no more prepared.

Every winter now our overworked hospitals struggle to treat its patients.

We now have patients in corridors because there are not the beds, what are they going to do when wave two hits them?

It is time to act now and start putting emergency treatment centres together in most of these cities.

There are many large buildings standing empty, surely some could be converted into temporary centres and relieve our over-stretched hospitals and even partly staffed by the armed forces' medical staff.

Thank you the NHS for all your help.

It is time now for you to get the help you deserve.