Oh how the letter from Ben Salcynski about Southampton Football Club and the £35 voucher mirrored my experience:

Last minute notification about the vouchers with two days to purchase anything

Voucher codes that didn't work (twice)

Only a code for my husband as we share an email and the system cannot cope with that

Because the codes didn't work, attempts to buy anything was frustrated because on going back on to the site the item was either out of stock or small size only.

I finally managed to speak to somebody, I think he had spent the day answering similar calls to mine. Those really responsible were unavailable to comment on the complete chaos of the £35 voucher offer, and the clunky, out of date computer system.

Saints fans in particular, the season ticket holders, are being treated with lack of care and consideration.

Plenty of time during this period for a complete overhaul of their computer system and perhaps a little more thought next time a voucher system or any such thing is offered to loyal fans.

At present we still have our season tickets.

Sue Wallace

Netley Abbey