I too believe the EU Referendum vote provided a significant majority in favour of Leave (Letters 6th October)

I base my viewpoint on the actual number of votes cast, not percentages thereof which can misrepresent the real outcome.

The bottom line is this.

By the end of the process, for every single minute during the voting period, it works out that over 1400 more people voted leave as against those who voted remain.

As such, one could suggest that even after just the first five minutes of voting, the Leave vote was a substantial 7000 ahead! By projecting this pattern throughout the day, I would contend that it does show that the margin of difference was indeed very significant.

As a footnote,in demeaning Mr Leckey's opinion, I thought Mr Kyrle's invite for others to decide "which of us knows more about the subject" to be somewhat ironic.

"I leave it to readers' judgement" is the lofty invitation.

If only 'Liberal Democrats' believed in such a principle.

After all, the people made a judgement via the 2016 Referendum.

We all know how much value this once upon a time respected party thought that was worth.

J Martin

Hedge End