All three universities in and around Southampton have confirmed active Covid-19 cases in their staff and student body over the last seven days.

The confirmation follows a study from Imperial College London which predicted Southampton has a 95% chance of becoming hotspot of the virus before the end of October.

The city’s Solent University have a page on their website which is updated daily with figures for confirmed coronavirus cases.

Yesterday the number of positive cases reported over the past week was 28, with three cases confirmed on Wednesday (October 14).

Daily Echo:

There has been one staff member at Solent over the last seven days confirmed to have contracted the virus.

Figures recorded by Solent are based on self-reporting of symptoms by students and staff with the virus then being confirmed with a test.

Their website states: "Any students who need to self-isolate will be fully supported by the University to remain completely isolated and to ensure they do not share any facilities with other, non-isolating residents."

The University of Southampton has said they have 18 confirmed “active” coronavirus cases (as of October 15) “of which 9 are in University halls of residence and 9 are in private rented accommodation.”

There are zero reported staff cases.

Daily Echo:

Like Solent, the UoS states on their website that data for active cases is “derived from...self-isolation reporting forms for students and staff, where those individuals have subsequently been tested and confirmed to have the virus.”

“This is also cross-checked daily with Public Health England and updated with Southampton City Council and Hampshire County Council teams.”

"All individuals who have reported being affected will be self-isolating in line with Government guidance and we have additional self-isolation guidance for staff and students to ensure they receive the necessary support."

A spokesperson for the University of Winchester yesterday (October 15) confirmed five cases of coronavirus linked to the university.

The cases are said to be “unrelated” to each other and it is reported that all five are students.

Southampton, along with rest of Hampshire, is currently in the Tier One (Medium Alert) Covid-19 Category.

In Tier 1 area, social gatherings are limited to six people and pubs, bars and restaurants have a 10pm curfew.