LAYLA the spaniel had her ear ripped off and was left deaf after two Staffordshire Bull Terriers launched a “pack attack” against her.

During the “horrendous” ordeal on the Plantation, Bishopstoke the Staffies bit and took hold of 12-year-old Layla at opposite ends of her body - “shaking and mauling her”.

Her owner - Julie Hayward - tried to save her “baby” but suffered injuries to both of her hands, forearms and legs during the attack on May 1 this year, a court heard.

Daily Echo:

Witnesses rushed to Layla and Julie’s aid using “poles and brooms” to stop the two Staffies.

Victoria Capon of Kensington Close, Bishopstoke, their owner, “ironically” runs a dog first aid and training business.

The 38-year mother of three appeared before Southampton Crown Court on Friday charged with owning a dog dangerously out of control and which caused injury.

Prosecution barrister, Leigh Hart told how Capon’s 14-year-old daughter had taken her two dogs out but at some point, they both “slipped their leads”.

Daily Echo:

Miss Hart, said how the staffies are said to have been involved in five previous incidents against other dogs.

The animals have “escaped not once but twice since the attack” with the dog warden for Eastleigh Borough Council even recommending “they are muzzled in public".

Julie, 44 was unable to work and left traumatised by the event suffering flashbacks and recurring nightmares.

Daily Echo:

Defending, Oliver Capildeo said how his client had entered guilty pleas at the earliest opportunity and that she had shown a great degree of remorse.

Capon was said to be suffering as her business has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Daily Echo:

Judge Peter Henry jailed her for ten-months, suspended for two years and ordered to pay compensation of £11,822 which includes vet bills and kennel costs.

A decision is due to be made in December concerning the future of the animals and whether to ban Capon from owning dogs.