CONCERNS have been raised over the future of transport and clean air in Southampton this evening. 

Greenpeace activists held a meeting this evening to discuss the future of transport in the city. 

Doug Skinner, Greenpeace activist, said that the city is "clogged up with traffic" adding that the situation was "just getting worse". 

He is calling for more transport options in order to offer motorists a cleaner and greener alternative to travelling by car. 

He said: "People have no choice but to drive.

"3,000 bus routes have been cut since 2010, leaving many rural areas with no buses at all. 

"Fuel duty has increased for 10 years and rail and bus fares just get more and more expensive.

"We have few decent cycle lanes, which puts people off cycling."

He is calling on the Government to start taking action.

He said that there have been some moves made in the right direction by promising £2 billion to invest in walking and cycling and has confirmed that several large rail upgrades will be going ahead.

He added: "But at the same time it has promised to spend £27 billion on major roads over the next five years. 

"Building 4,000 miles of new motorway and A roads between now and 2025.

"This is obviously going to be a disaster for our environment."

"Instead of wasting billions on new roads, the government should give people real transport choices.

"Electrifying the rail network, increasing capacity and cutting fares. 
"Making roads safer for everyone by repairing potholes, reducing speed limits, building segregated cycle lanes."

Councillor Steve Leggett, Cabinet Member for Green City & Place, said that the Green City portfolio was created following his election. 

He added that the 2019 Transport Strategy was "quite radical" and was about relocating rod space and prioritising public transport and focusing on active travel such as walking or cycling.

He continued: "It's about removing cars from our city centre, and creating zero-emission zones in our city centre."