IT is an aircraft that is synonymous with our part of the world.

Daily Echo Camera Club member John Scamell has captured these shots of the legendary Spitfire as it flies from Solent Airport at Lee on the Solent.

A company runs leisure flights in the aircraft, renowned for its distinctive Merlin engine, from the airport where Spitfires were based during World War Two.

Designed by Southampton’s R J Mitchell, tested at the airport in Eastleigh and mass produced at a factory in Woolston, the Spitfire is the most famous of any World War Two aircraft.

Daily Echo:

It is also hailed for its major role in Britain’s efforts to fight off the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain.

It was 80 years ago Southampton and the south coast felt the full force of the German onslaught on the UK from the air.

Daily Echo:

The Supermarine factory in the city, where the plane was being built, suffered a major hit before production of the iconic fighter aircraft was hastily switched to other locations across the south.

Hundreds were killed, thousands injured and countless buildings destroyed and damaged during the continuous bombing raids on our region before the Luftwaffe were defeated by the RAF and Hitler abandoned his plan to invade the UK.