POLICE stopped a delivery driver whose vehicle was packed with cardboard boxes that severely limited their vision.

Hants Roads Policing has posted a picture of items piled high on the front passenger seat, making it difficult for the driver to see out of the window.

One of the boxes is emblazoned with the message: "Thanks for lugging around 48 rolls of toilet paper for us. You're the best."

But police officers who stopped the vehicle took a different view.

They tweeted: "As a driver, you have a responsibility to ensure your view is clear.

"Matters of vision could be the difference between seeing a vulnerable road user and not seeing them. This is not acceptable. Driver reported."

One of the people commenting on the post said drivers were told to fill their vehicles or risking losing work.

An officer replied: "I understand that companies put pressure on self-employed drivers but if a driver kills or seriously injures someone due to lack of vision, accountability will land with the driver."