POLICE officers were forced to break up four parties in one night.

The incidents, in Southea, Portsmouth, involved a party of 15 people, two of 20, and one of 25 people on Friday.

Hampshire Constabulary said that all people involved have all been reported for summons for breaching the Coronavirus Act.

A post by Portsmouth Police on Facebook warned: "Last night [Friday] demonstrated that there are those amongst us that continue to show a blatant disregard for the safety of our community. Despite our best efforts to encourage compliance, we took enforcement action at four Southsea address." 

The post added: "We have patrol plans and remain actively trying to encourage compliance.

"However we should all know the rules by now: Social distancing and good hygiene remains paramount and it’s everyone’s responsibility to follow this guidance. We will take action if you are in a group of more than six."