I slipped and fell heavily on my wet patio and dislocated my shoulder and broke several ribs.

My treatment at the general hospital was speedy and exemplary.

My sister’s daughter came to my aid and as I live alone she cancelled her planned holiday with her husband, being a week in Cornwall, to stay and look after me.

On claiming on her travel insurance she was informed that as I am not a “close” relative they declined payment.

In the small print it lists what they define as “close” relatives and they even mention a spouse’s parents.

My niece is a blood relative and is very close to me, whereas her parents-in-law would hardly fit into this category.

On looking up several web sites of different travel insurance companies she found similar wording, so they are all in league with one another.

So not only have her and her husband lost their much-needed break away from work and routine, but are also out of pocket.

I really do think that travel insurance companies should revise their policy and decide who are“close” relatives and who are comparative strangers, as most parents-in-law are.

Patricia Newman