ON a trip to Sainsbury’s at Lordshill for a quiet afternoon's shopping, I noticed at least five people were not wearing any form of masking.

After all the government's plea to cover up, because of the threat to others, I find that there is a number of people who brazenly think this doesn’t apply to them.

The staff at the shop do not get involved or even comment.

Why doesn’t the authorities get involved with a policeman spending a certain amount of his shift refusing them admission at the door.

Of course there are people who are exempt, we don’t know who they are, but there seems to be a lot of them.

Authority should be backed up, what is the use of constant reminders if we can’t back them up?

Now taking 30 minutes of one quiet day, what about the other numerous hours, for a shop opens seven days a week.

There is no hope for all, if rules are deliberately ignored.

Alan Blandford